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Messenger of saint Anthony

For over 750 years Saint Anthony’s solidarity has reached out to those who need it most.

Our Saint has left us with a great legacy of teachings, and has set us a glorious example of charity, of what it means to be there for the poorest of the poor.
We, the Friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, are daily engaged in the task of practicing this great mission which the Saint has enjoined upon us: to spread the Gospel and to practice Charity.

Thanks to you, dear donors, our Saint’s charitable efforts can achieve a great deal in the world: we can assist those suffering loneliness and deprivation in those parts of the world where our help is most needed. In the Saint’s name, we reach out to the remotest, most forsaken corners of the world, forsaken even by hope itself. This has been made possible through the solidarity of countless friends. At the heart of each project is Saint Anthony’s driving force.

This is why we act with the will to promote the well-being of every person, to restore them dignity and the power to forge a brighter future for themselves.

The June 13, 2013, Project
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Please help us build the St. Francis Secondary School at Mzimba in Malawi. Together, we will change the destiny of so many young people for the better.

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