Mises à jour de projets

Il GRAZIE di Sr. Maria a tutti voi benefattori! Il vostro gesto di generosità ha cambiato la loro vita!

Dear P. Valentino Maragno,


We would like to take this opportunity on my own behalf and on behalf of St. Francis Training Centre to thank you for your generous donation towards the purchase of LPG Cylinder for St. Francis training centre. 

Your willingness to help the poor in our community fills our hearts with joy and unimaginable gratitude and gives the trainees hope and a sense of purpose to them especially when they come to us disillusioned, due to lack of optimism and no future prospects. Your support shall make a big difference to them for they shall now have a proper workshop for sharpening their skills through sufficient practice in food production and service. This was initially limited for they had no spacious facilities and especially gas most of the time they went missing to cook due to gas. We shall now be able train more students per session to a great advantage of many eager boys and girls that have thirst for training.

Thank you, and may the Almighty God bless you abundantly for your noble work. Be assured of our prayers.

Yours Sincerely,

Sr. Maria Mwongeli

Dal 13.03 le suore sono chiuse in casa e non possono neppure recarsi a prendere i soldi in banca...

Dear Silvia,

Greetings from  Kenya/ Kasaeani! Happy Easter! hope you had your own away of celebrating this Easter.  

Thanks so much for all your emails concerning the above mentioned project. I know you are  very much  engage waiting to hear more about the project. 

Silvia/ Caritas as much as you are waiting so do I. To be sincere open  to you nothing is happing on the ground even I have not changed the money to Kenya shillings but the money is in the bank as I mentioned to you before. The reason is because  of what is happing here in the country, namely  global coronavirus epidemic Kenya is among those countries which have being affected. Since 13th March up today we have being locked down especially those living in Nairobi the capital city.  People have closed down their business and no body what's to be associated with the chine of where did you go whom did you visit  or met and the chine goes on and on so most of companies and rather the people have kept off. The construction has become stand still since then.  In act the week of  13th March, it was the week the men were  to fix the kitchen floor drainer  only to stop the work due to the governments directives of movements. 

The lock down has kept people confined to their homes for more than a month and has per today Kenya marks the first month of Covid-19 with 208 cases, 9 deaths.  

Am hoping  life of Covid- 19 will change soon for better so that life can be normal once again. My difficulties at  present is to bring the people at the sit at this time of Covid- 19 I don't want to risk the life of those young people and also the company of the LPG since we don't know who may be having the virus.

Silvia my dear and your team, I request you kindly to understand me and one  thing I still promise you I will never fail you and the Carita's team I know you trusted me and I truest you too.  Your funds will never be used for  something else that much believe me. it  will be used exactly for the purpose it was requested for and as well to be implemented by the company which gave us the quotation.

Please be patients with me during this time of Covid- 19 and as soon as life is goes back to normal I will start were I left.  For now I have rised up my hand since I can do nothing of my own the KLPG Company and the workers.

I will appreciated to receive your reaction towards this. God bless you all and keep protecting you from this deadly virus.

With kind regards,

Sr. Maria Mwongeli


Non potendo fare l'acquisto dela cisterna prima di febbraio, le suore ci hanno chiesto di inviare i soldi solo il mese scorso.

Attendiamo che facciano acquisto e installazione per pubblicare il resoconto finale.

Vi terremo aggiornati

Le projet

Le Little Sisters of St. Francis sono una Congregazione indigena fondata nel 1923 nello spirito di S. Francesco, oggi presenti in Kenya, Uganda e Tanzania.

La loro missione è la promozione dei giovani e hanno varie scuole di formazione, tra cui una per le infermiere (che Caritas Antoniana ha già finanziato due volte).

Adesso hanno terminato di costruire una nuova cucina per la scuola dei cuochi

Le suore hanno contribuito donando la terra. Hanno procurato 25 computer, 11 cucine a gas da 13 kg ciascuna e scopo del progetto è sostituirle con una cisterna unica che chiedono a noi di acquistare, e un forno elettrico. Due suore lavorano come volontarie.

Référent: Sr. Maria Mwongeli