Caritas Sant'Antonio ONLUS

Caritas Sant'Antonio ONLUS

More than 145 projects substaining the former

Project of the year
  • COLOMBO - Sri Lanka
  • How much: € 417.800
  • Categories: Scuola
  • Started on 01/06/2020
June 13, 2019 Project: “He went to him… and took care of him…
2018 June 13 Project: Home + Family = Future
  • Manabí - Ecuador
  • How much: € 315.000
  • Categories: Famiglie, Abitazioni
  • Started on 01/06/2018

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St. Anthony’s Charities and the Messenger of St. Anthony

Our bond with the Messenger of Saint Anthony magazine is of the strongest kind and is determined by the double mission that St. Anthony of Padua has enjoined upon us: to spread the Gospel and to perform works of charity.

Two sides of the same coin.

It is for this reason that the Messenger and St. Anthony’s Charities are really two sides of the same coin: one gives voice to the word of the Gospel and the other makes sure that our help reaches those who most need it. St. Anthony’s Charities, with its projects, aspects and stories, appears every month in the pages of the Messenger of Saint Anthony.

The connection between the solidarity organisation and its supporters.

The Messenger is therefore the connection between the solidarity organisation and its supporters. Through the Messenger, readers become promoters of development and liberation, the new way of applying the Gospel according to the teachings of St. Anthony.

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