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No one starves in Sri Lanka, but precariousness is widespread. The people, simple and hardworking, are endowed with a profound religiosity: Buddhists and Christians are the spiritual strength of this country. Christians, Buddhists and Muslims in Sri Lanka are particularly devoted to Saint Anthony. Every Tuesday a large crowd goes to pray in the Shrine dedicated to him in Colombo, the capital. Even here in the Basilica in Padua, every year, thousands come on pilgrimage to pray on the Tomb of the Saint, each carrying a bouquet of flowers.
Massacre of the Innocents: In Sri Lanka Easter 2019 is called "Blood Easter". The ISIS terrorist organization, with its bombs, hit churches and hotels. There were hundreds of victims. A terrorist blew himself up among the people, even in the Shrine of Saint Anthony, during the celebration of Holy Mass. Go and repair ... your brother's life! Cardinal Rangy, a spiritual guide for the whole nation, met the survivors of the attack one by one. He had the walls of the churches rebuilt. Today he asks us for help because, together, we must rebuild people's hearts. The bombs have torn apart the lives of many survivors. Many children have been orphaned, others have lost their limbs, people have been left paralyzed forever. Whole families are without a home.


bambù per le pareti
$ 30 / £ 21 / € 25 
could help pay for bricks of one new family home.
Tavolo e sedie per la casa
$ 60 / £ 40 / € 50
could help buy tables and chairs for the soup kitchen feeding 500 hungry souls every day at Saint Anthony’s Shrine.
bambù per le pareti
$ 130 / £ 80 / € 100
could contribute for the purchase of a prosthetic limb.
Tavolo e sedie per la casa
$ 350 / £ 250 / € 300
would be enough to fund one education scholarship for a child orphaned in the bombing.

With your help, they can be the generation that builds a future based on love, peace and respect for one another.
For our June 13 Feast we can join forces in giving hope and refuge to the families affected by the Easter Sunday bombing THANK YOU!


Project referrer: Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ramanayake, Direttore Seth Sarana Caritas Colombo

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