The new project

The village of Daldali in Assam state in north-eastern India urgently needs a new school.

Saint Mary’s – the current one – is made out of tin sheets and bamboo and is not fit for purpose. Yet 260 eager pupils turn up there every day, hungry to learn and give themselves and their families a brighter future.


Building a new school

The new Saint Mary’s school will be two levels made of brick as to withstand the elements and will need to accommodate 350 pupils because the school needs to transform from a primary school into a primary and secondary facility.

This is because so many children want to learn, and the old school doesn’t have enough room for them.


Establishing a friary

Currently, the friars, who teach at Saint Mary’s and minister to the surrounding villages, which include 400 Catholic families, have to travel 20kms every day just to reach the remote area.

Part of the new building work will include accommodation for the teaching staff – and for the friars so they can always be on-site to support the community.


Erecting a boundary wall

The current site of Saint Mary’s school sits on 12 acres of land.

We need to build a boundary wall around it to protect the children and to stop animals from coming in and causing damage to the vegetable garden on which the school community depends.


How you can help

$40/£25/€30 could help buy bricks to lay the foundations of the new Saint Mary’s.

$60/£40/€50 could help furnish the first proper classroom the children have ever seen.

$130/£80/€100could help install windows to keep out the rain and wind.

$650/£400/€500 could help build the boundary wall to protect the school community.


“We’re still having classes in the bamboo-structured rooms. The weather –from extreme cold to hot and heavy rain with wind, makes the situation worse” fr. Shinto


Project referrer: Fr. Manuel Manicompel OFMConv.