Il progetto in sintesi

This year we are trying to build a school and to start a plantation, a catalyst of change in a morally deprived area of Sumatra, Indonesia.

4 big AIMS

  • To offer a job to boys who must leave the Bethlehem orphanage because they have reached a certain age. The orphanage was built by the friars in Bandar Baru in 1992 thanks to our readers and donations to St. Anthony’s Charities.
  • To offer a junior and senior high school along with complete care and hospitality to children and boys of Tiga Juhar, a heavily deprived area where small children experience grave neglect.
  • To start a plantation of salak, a fruit plant. This is a pilot project which aims to find a more eco-friendly solution to palm oil, an intensive monoculture which is devastating vast areas of Indonesia.
  • To enhance the spiritual significance of the presence of the friars, in the area in order to salvage inter-religious dialogue in a nation that has always been tolerant, but which has lately been subject to infiltration by fundamentalist elements.